Ace Farms


This is our Ruby girl! She is an AKC and CKC Standard Poodle. She's the OG of Ace Farms. Ruby has the funniest personality and is very intelligent. She is an amazing mother, she has produced Bernedoodles, Standard Poodles, and Goldendoodles!

Goldie Novmber 19.jpeg
Louise November 19.jpg


Louise or LouLou for short. This baby girl is awesome! She is so sweet, playful, and has the sweetest little pups. She is an AKC and CKC Moyen Standard Poodle that loves kids and to be rubbed behind the ear.


The litter mate and sister of Goldie (above,) they are  AKC and CKC Standard Poodles. They are as thick as thieves. They have warmed up to the rest of the pack and have become part of our family very quickly!



Minnie is an Ace Farms Puppy. She is a puppy from Tulah! She likes to snuggle up and watch TV and be outside! She will be having her first litter in 2020. She is a CKC F1B Goldendoodle​.

Minnie has been retired.